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There are some myths about window cleaning that most people believe in, but they are not all true. In this blog post, we will prove that some of the most popular ones are wrong, and we hope it will help you improve the way you clean your windows.

Rain gets windows dirty, this is probably one of the most widespread myths about windows. As a professional cleaning company, we can tell you that rain actually helps keep windows cleaner, for longer. What makes a window look dirty is dirt, not water.

As a matter of fact, ground water does leave stain on windows because it contains minerals and chemicals that are not found in rainwater. When the water evaporates, it will leave a spot on the window. Rainwater is, however, purer, so it will not leave spots on the windows when it dries, unless the surface was already dirty.

Some people believe that any DIY product is always much better for window washing than a store-bought one. Things in life are not that simple, and it is not right to make such statements; there are good homemade cleaning products just as there are excellent chemical cleaning products.

If your window is extremely dirty, the solution is not using one liter bleach but spending some time cleaning it or you can always hire the services of a professional window cleaning company. Too much detergent use is one of the most common reasons dishwashers need repair. Overuse of chemicals is always harmful, and it won't give you professional results. The best advice we can give you is cleaning your windows regularly, at least once a week.

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